Picture This – Allāhu Akbar

Picture This:

Not something we here in the USA hope to ever see. Three pick-up trucks filled with coffins. So many coffins that they had to be loaded standing upright in the trucks.

Pretty dramatic sight.

Some suicide bomber set off a device that killed at least 70 at a military training center in this shithole of a country. Northern Pakistan. It was graduation day the center. Most of the dead were paramilitary soldiers. Read that as: Kids in uniforms. Dead kids, now.

The Pakistani authorities (can you actually read that and not laugh?) say it was probably in retaliation for our little adventure with the turd with beard, Oh scumah. Of course it was. Isn’t everything?

At what point do you look at your country and think, well this is really screwed up?

How about when you see pick-up trucks loaded with coffins? A good place to start, I think.

Allāhu Akbar, indeed.


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