Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum.

Sometimes I wonder if the burdens we carry don’t end up carrying us.

My family has undergone some emotional experiences this summer. Without going into great detail here let’s just say that to every time there is a season, unto death.

Everybody deals with moments of intense emotion, life changing events differently. I read somewhere once where a person only experiences true emotion for about twenty minutes. The rest is just the aftermath.

It seems to me that every experience we have that truly matters shapes us and maybe even prepares us for the next one.
This can be a good thing but it can also be the path to some destruction. Years back an experience sent me into a tailspin that took literally years to come all the way back from. The burden I carried for those years contributed to some interesting life choices and certainly altered the course of my life and those unlucky enough to have been around me.

All of us go through these life changing events. None of us escapes and even though we might outwardly minimize the effects we all must in some way deal with the consequences.

The counseling I have had over the years all seems to point in the same direction. You are, after all is said and done the only person who can heal yourself, just as you are the only person who can break yourself in the first place. The blame game that we all subscribed to in the touchy feely eighties was all pretty much crap. As Don Henley said-I’d like to find you inner child and kick its little ass. Get over it!

What strikes me now is the fact that at any given time someone near you is going through some sort of personal turmoil. You can not know it, you may never find out what it is but as sure as death and taxes we are all in this together.

Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they might have been. An English writer said that, two centuries ago, and it rings true today.

ED NOTE: Written originally in 2005

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