Tuesday Review – The Rite

Tuesday Review:

The Rite
2011 PG-13 112 minutes

Silence of the Lambs this is not.

As may have said the most compelling horror films are those that leave the worst to our imagination. Understated, they only show the monster or the result of meeting up with the monster in brief glimpses. “The Rite” follows this formula but it still doesn’t help. The film just stinks. Even Anthony Hopkins as the exorcist doesn’t help.

The movie suffers most from a lack of chills and a very slow pace. The director, Mikael Håfström (Shanghai
2010, 1408, 2007) gets that suspense should build. Unfortunate that he doesn’t get that “payoff” idea.

If you want to rent the movie just to see Anthony Hopkins in action by all means go ahead. He is outstanding and gets loads of screen time but in the end just can’t overcome the boring nature of this “true” story. One has to wonder if the people who actually went thru the experience actually died of boredom.


The Rant D’Jour is some heavy thinking.

Sometimes I wonder if the burdens we carry don’t end up carrying us…more


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