Who’s got my golden arm?

Even with the price of gas slowly drifting back to a level where it’s just an arm and a leg to fill your tank its cold comfort to know that Brunei might be running out of oil.

The next time you stop by Sheets you are putting money on the table of a small country on the island of Borneo called Brunei. About the size of Delaware with a population of 370 thousand and one very rich Sultan. How rich? Their home, which has 1800 rooms and 250 toilets, is considered to be the largest residence in the world. Stashed inside this palace is a forearm and hand made of solid gold that the Sultan can use as a chin rest when he is thinking about the tiny nation’s dwindling oil supplies.

The subjects of the Sultan live pretty high off the hog too. Even though they many not be living in huge palaces they pay no personal income tax, enjoy practically free health care (a recent visit to the dentist and a root canal cost one loyal subject 1.49.)

And the young go to the world’s finest universities all on the Sultan’s tab.

But it seems like its all going to come to a crashing halt pretty soon. Its not that Brunei is going to run out of oil, but when. This is a closely guarded state secret in the little country.

It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for the Sultan. But can you imagine the riots in streets the day that the last oil well makes a giant sucking sound and gives up its final drop of crude?

That’s the day I think you better check E-bay for a golden arm on sale.

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