A tree falls in Lehman

A humongous dead tree fell last night, mostly on the road that runs past the Rising Ranch. Dead maple maybe. I am not sure as it was long denuded of branches or leaves and was home to countless woodpecker feasts and not so incidentally all manner of insects.
There have been a lot of storms and winds lately. We have had to clear quite a few fallen limbs and in one case most of a tree off our property. In this case it is not clear to me if this particular one is on our property or not. In any case it’s far too large for my talents with my diminutive chain saw.

Plus, and this is a big plus, it’s across some lines. I am not well versed in what lines carry what. I know these lines are not carrying MY power or cable because I know where that comes from and it crosses the road further down. These lines, thick mothers, do not go in my house. Could be telephone, could be high voltage, I won’t mess with it.

It’s bent but not snapped the lines. It’s pretty big and will probably move some more the next time it blows. Some of it was in the road when it came down last night, about 9 pm. We were alerted by stopped traffic and I went out, six cell flashlight in my hands.

A small crew of guys had leaped from their SUV’s and pickups and were dragging the limbs off the road.

“Anyone call 911,” I shouted. “It’s across some power lines or something,” I said.

No response from the ad-hoc tree removal forces. Not even a grunt. No surprise there and I took cold comfort from the fact that I knew better than to touch the debris, which even at night I could see was pretty much clothed in poison ivy.

I returned to the ranch and briefly discussed calling the authorities with the long-suffering wife. I voted no as I was pretty sure if it had to be cleared it would be cleared. I have seen many such sized trees across lines elsewhere, some of them for a long time. Plus, and this is a big plus, I did not want to become responsible for the clearing of said snag. Called upon to pay for men with longer chain saws and bucket trucks is not in my economic future, thanks anyway.

The pictures were taken at great possibility of death on my part. The speed limit on this road in question is 35 mph. Most people routinely go 55 mph and some exceed Pocono Raceway qualifying speeds. People were swerving, cursing and blowing their horns at me. I wished them safe travels in my own way.

NOTE TO LEHMAN COPS: Feel free to park in my driveway with timer strips. (I know the stateys won’t give you radar guns. Pricks.) You will pay for a new cruiser in no time. I’ll spring for the donuts and java.

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