Picture This: Lawnmower heck

Picture This: Lawnmower heck

I am terrible hard on lawnmowers. Almost every year I bend the blades like you see above. Usually it’s on the big riding mower.

One year I had twisted up the blades on the tractor but I thought I could set the mower up high enough to just finish the back forty. So I tried. It was a pretty futile effort. I would get about ten feet done then the blade would sink into the uneven ground and stall the mower after gouging a blade sized hole in the lawn. What made this interesting was the roofers watching me as they worked on replacing the gutters on the ranch. Eventually just before the mower gave up and stalled out and wouldn’t start one of them came over and remarked that maybe I ought to quit while I was ahead. Too late!

I am actually kind of scared about using lawn mowers. The tractor does not bother me but I am always a have trepidations about the push model.

I blame Gary Drapek. Gary is President/CEO at United Way of Lackawanna County. In my media days I had frequent contact with him.
One day he told me about the time his mower discharged the blade at him while running at high speed. I don’t recall/have erased from my mind the outcome. I do know Gary does have both legs so that’s good. But it still gives me the willies.

Thanks, Gary!

Still, it doesn’t keep me from ruining blades on a regular basis. I just drink more to steady my nerves.


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