Aggregate Saturday

Aggregate Saturday:

This is written at 05:17 ET – long-suffering wife is off to Pompton Lakes NJ. Its like the punch line to a joke.
She says: “Kiss me where it smells.” So he takes her to New Jersey.

Her trek is with her sister to “The Gathering” 2011 version. It’s held at “Sunnybank.” As far as the eye can see there will be collies at the former home of Albert Payson Terhune. He wrote “Lad: a dog” and many other collie stories.

I have to work. I have also had my fill of “Sunnybank” having visited there more than I could wish for. I am not against dogs, collies. But I also not a a big fan.

Wow – coffee at 5am is really good. Yeah for coffee.

I will admit it feels a little odd, not preparing for class. I will miss some things about teaching. The inquiring young eager minds. The interaction with colleagues. The short shorts.

I have this stack of stuff just sitting in my office left over from the last school year. I really need to get rid of it. Maybe today is the day. I don’t know if it’s procrastination or just not wanting to let the school thing die.
Probably just lazy, I guess.

The pool is now in it’s pain in the ass mode. I won’t swim again. But it’s too soon to pull the cover over it. And now I have to run the filter becasue otherwise leaves that fall end up on the bottom. Pools are great…about one week a year here in the great Northeast.

Why do they make bottles that won’t stand up in a refrigerator with open grates? We carefully choose h20 bottles that have flat bottoms for this reason. It’s a selling point for us. I just bought a 12 pack of Snapple with this issue. Every time we move something in the fridge, they all fall down. The LSW LOVES this. Very few things will cause her to swear. This will. They were packed so I could not see the bottoms. My story. I am sticking to it.

OK: I am a physical train-wreck. AND I have paying on an unused GYM membership, which is the worst part of all. Guilt-trip time. Back on Monday you lazy fool.

Did I mention how good coffee is at the time in the am? I mean it’s always good but’s like a cold beer after mowing the lawn good.
I got the bottom half of the ranch acres cut, speaking of lawn mowing. Back forty is still sink into your calves wet. We have had a LOT of rain here. I did the in-laws (takes about an hour) then the did the bottom half with just the walk behind. True, it is self-propelled. But it still put me on the couch for the rest of the day. I am a physical train-wreck. I used to be able to do the whole deal then create mischief. Now mischief is a dim memory.

Well, not a dim memory. I remember mischief VERY well. But my mind writes checks that my body will not even consider cashing.

LSW is about to take flight. Her first solo trip with the new car and first time driving in NJ. I wish I was going just for this fact.

Google analytics says that all of you reading this have disappeared again. Overnight. I don’t believe it when it says that. I also don’t belive it when it says there lot of you. Quite possibly I should stop looking at it. I used to live and die by the Arbitron ratings in radio. Do I need this? Curse you, god of measurement.

In any case, thanks for reading. Both of you.


Rant D’Jour I owe George Carlin big time.
I love oxymorons.more

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