Parking Lot Blues

Parking lots shouldn’t cause your blood pressure to rise.

What is it with some people and parking lots?

The spaces are clearly marked at one place where I park daily.

It’s a medium sized lot that is never full but gets crowded in front of the business I frequent. Why does this person who parks every day ignore the lines? They consistently park with the line running right down the middle of their behemothmobile SUV effectively taking up two parking spaces. In fact because there are two rows of spaces and they park in the middle of the two rows they eat up four spaces.

And another thing. Why do people speed in parking lots? Ever see that National Lampoon Summer vacation movie? There is a scene in there where Chevy Chase is driving the family truckster sound asleep on a sidewalk at high speed. A guy walks out of a door and is almost clobbered by the car. That’s the way it looks to me as I watch some people at racing speed in the narrow rows of some lots. If you walk out from between cars you may become another notch on their grill. What would it say on your tombstone? Flattened at the Wal-Mart?

And why is it so important to get that space? I have fallen into this kind of behavior myself. You see someone vacating a space. You wait patiently with your blinker on while they back out. Someone zooms into space before you. I have seen fights erupt over this.

Why? It’s just a parking space?

Why does it make us so furious?

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A recovering radio addict wrestles with the written word.
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