Aggregate Saturday:

Aggregate Saturday:

Three NASCAR night races in a row. Last night the Camping World Trucks which finished for me at midnight, tonight Nationwide, Sunday Sprint Cup.
Late nights.

Covering sports is unpredictable to say the least. With the possible exception of Horse Racing the length of a sporting event is rarely consistent. NASCAR and most Motor-racing is especially this way. A few caution flags, a rain delay can make the difference between a 3 hour event and five hours. That’s a long ole night race.

After having survived “Irene” last night the Weather Channel guys did me no favors by telling us that there could be TWO named storms making ladndfall this weekend. Let me up, I’ve truly had enough.

The insurance adjuster will visit on Sunday. I predict we get nada. In my insurance policy fine print it lists a “Tropical Storm/Cyclone” deductible. $3250 or 2%…not sure 2% of what. 2% of screwed, I guess.

Maybe we will be declared a “Disaster Area” and FEMA will chip in to pay my deductible.

Maybe Pigs will fly.

GOOGLE Analytics still sucks, mmm k?

I used to only believe the radio ratings when they made sense. Really really big numbers or abrupt drops in numbers screamed “sample error” to me. What do I think about GOOGLE Analytics?

I am certain Mr. Google couldn’t care less.

How bad is my memory? I just bought my college yearbook. On E bay. Paid too much for it but I really, really wanted it. Too bad it’s from my Freshman year. Doh!

Went to the Chinese buffet yesterday. Was VERY comforted to see all the kicthen workers piling on plates full of chow. I always sort of wonder about the food in those joints, but I guess if they eat it….

Someone once told me that Chop Suey means “Garbage for the hogs” in Chinese. I can find no evidence to support this. But I fully believe it.

I am on less than five hours sleep here. Lucky for me I think I can squeeze in a nap before my shift.
Off to do battle with the yard sale circuit.


Rant D’Jour Clint had it right!

Sometimes I think I am developing “Clint Eastwood” disease…more


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