Tuesday Review – The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) R 118 min

I am reviewing here on Tuesday mostly just to keep my chops up. Mostly movies, mostly older ones and I am under no misconception that ANYONE turns here to decide on their viewing or reading. I watch and read what I like. So most of my reviews are positive.

The Lincoln Lawyer sucked.

Too bad because the book, penned by one of my favorite mystery writers, Michael Connelly, was terrific.

The basic issue was every character in the film was horribly, almost comically miscast, as least using the book as a guide. I understand the willing suspension of disbelief concept. But asking us to buy Matthew McConaughey as the Lincoln Lawyer Mick Haller is just too much to bear.

Ok, so maybe the film does not have to model the book. The problem is that in the book Haller is street smart, book smart and a likable rogue. In the movie he is doofus.

It gets worse.

Marisa Tomei as Maggie McPherson, Hallers ex-wife, in the book is a strong, sexy opinionated woman. Maggie McPherson in the movie is a dumb brunette.

Ryan Phillippe as the villain, Louis Roulet is a scary mother in the book. In the movie you find it hard to believe he is capable of hurting anyone. It just doesn’t wash.

The country music singer, Trace Adkins does a turn as Eddie Vogel, one of the Lincoln Lawyers Hell’s Angels clients. It’s so badly done as to be almost laughable. Instead it’s just sad.

Director Brad Furman (Cry Macho (pre-production)2007 The Take) did the obviously weak screen play by John Romano no favors. His direction must have consisted of “Action, good job, print.”

Mom said try to find the good. Lukas Ettlin the Cinematographer did some very nice work. We probably would have enjoyed it more if someone like Jeff McEvoy, Editor hadn’t been involved with his heavy handed slash and cut style.

I want two hours of my life back.


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