Be afraid. Very afraid.

That is the Chinese aircraft carrier ex-Varyag.

Wikipedia says:

The 67,500 ton ex-Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag (Admiral Kuznetsov class), which was only 70% completed and floating in Ukraine, was purchased through a private Macau tourist venture in 1998. Since her troublesome tow to Dalian shipyard, the carrier has undergone a long refit. Varyag was stripped of any military equipment as well as her propulsion before she was put up for sale. News reports state that she is being refitted to be returned to operational status.

On 10 August 2011, it was announced that the refurbishment of Varyag was complete, and that it was undergoing sea trials.

The picture, from the NY Times show the Chinese working on the ship.

Maybe it doesn’t scare you. Certainly it will be years before the Chinese get up to speed on the high seas.

Won’t it?


Rant D’Jour Don’t Worry, Be…

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