Aggregate Saturday

Aggregate Saturday:

No Bloomsburg fair this year. Bummer.

Completely spun out, I am. Late NASCAR Night. Just finished two VERY intense projects.

One- a 48 page narration for a client. Lots of technical words. Very dry stuff. Took me lots of time.
Two-a secret audio cleaning project. Taking an existing recording and drawing out from it background information (people speaking) and enhancing same. Can’t go into it but I will let you know more when the verdict is in.
Hows that for cryptic?

Can’t believe I won’t get a “Top O’ the Beef” this year. Bummer.

The year is winding down. I should really have turned up the thermostat last night. Long-suffering wife had the electric blanket on. Somehow it seems like I can keep Fall (and Winter) at bay a bit longer if I don’t twist that thermostat to the right. Pool cover is on. Leaves are falling but I still wear shorts.

The good potato pancakes in in the stand by the dog show. Coors orange juice. The great roasted peanuts. Bummer.

I totally redid the secret project this morning after working on it till late last night. It just didn’t sound right to me and I found out that I had made a mistake in mixdown. Not that I am any LESS tired now but I knew it last night while I was trying to sleep. My subconscious has quality control. Who knew?

Sammy’s cheese-steaks. A truly unique taste. Gross’s french fries which are not. Did I mention Coors orange juice? Bummer.

I suppose my Cholesterol and blood sugar is glad there is no fair. But I think it’s no fair.


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