Sunday Wrap

Sunday Wrap

That's a wrap

Monday 9/19

Rant D’Jour “Smoking or non-smoking?” A phrase that will soon be heard as often as “I need a new buggy whip.”

Blog Post You see this on a sign. If you are like me (and Lord knows I hope not) you think about it.

Tuesday 9/20

Rant D’Jour I often scan the classifieds. Looking for misspelled

Blog Post Tuesday Review: Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune

Wednesday 9/21

Rant D’Jour The last few nights have been a full moon.

Blog Post – Blake Feese Breaks Through

Thursday 9/22

Rant D’Jour I think we need to add another season to the calendar. This time right now to me is the “Taint” of the seasons.

Blog Post Radio DaZe: WHYN

Friday 9/23

Rant D’Jour Bloomsburg Fair Redux

Blog Post Last Supper, Texas Sytle

Saturday 9/24

Rant D’Jour The legend of the “Stink Bug”

Blog Post Aggregate Saturday

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A recovering radio addict wrestles with the written word.
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