Not Weekender- No Bloomsburg Fair

I was “bumped” for a paid ad. So this is the only place you will see this deathless prose. Enjoy!

In the big scheme of things it’s not a pimple on the butt of progress. That’s a saying of my Father but he used to say ass. I toned it down for this family publication. I have no clue what it means but I like it nonetheless. I think it means its small potatoes. And speaking of potatoes I will miss the golden French fried ones at the Bloomsburg Fair.

That’s really what I am talking about. People have lost homes, businesses, entire live washed downstream in the raging waters of the Susquehanna. And I have the nerve to bitch about French fries? Yeah. I do. I wish it was going on as it should be as you read this. It really would be a good thing, a break for those reeling from the devastation. But the fair is reeling itself.

The Bloomsburg Fair is something that I look forward to every year. I know that I am not alone because 400,000 some odd people go there every year. Some of them odder than you can imagine. But people watching and face stuffing will have to wait a year.

Can’t believe I won’t get a “Top O’ the Beef” this year. Bummer. The good potato pancakes in in the stand by the dog show. Coors orange juice. The great roasted peanuts. Bummer. Sammy’s cheese-steaks, a truly unique taste. Gross’s French fries which are not. May’s Barbeques. Carmel apples. Funnel cake. Those gargantuan blueberry muffins. Did I mention Coors orange juice? Bummer.

I caught a Facebook rumor that a few of the vendors are setting up on roadsides near the fair. I applaud them and I hope they get something back. I can’t imagine what a dead loss like that does to some of them. I predict a few will not return in 2012. The timing was so unbelievably bad. Tropical storm Lee did its worst on the day that vendors were to start setting up.

Here is something from the Bloomsburg Fair web page:
“Some people on Facebook have offered to donate their ticket purchase price to the fair for our flood recovery fund. If you wish to do this, please let us know by letter or email. We would like to thank those in advance for their consideration of doing this.

You can find out more at

I suppose my Cholesterol and blood sugar is glad there is no fair. But I think it’s no fair.

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