Saturday Morning Aggregate

Saturday Morning Aggregate

It’s starting to get colder. Ran the furnace the other day for a while. I am NOT ready for winter.

Altering our Thanksgiving plans. Instead of us all gathering at my Sisters in Vt. We will descend upon my Daughter in Ct. and then continue on on our way to usual in Maine. Big change, small change.

We have followed the same routine for our two vacations for a decade or more. A visit to Vt then on to Maine in the summer and the fall. I am ready for a sort of break. Long-suffering Wife retires in the Spring. We will see how that alters the dynamic.

Radio is so over. All hail Pandora. WiFi in cars. Radio is done. HD Radio? Radio is toast….:/

I love Pandora, for the most part. I am trying to fine tune a Mark Knopfler station. It plays WAY too much Pink Floyd and Led Zep. The other day it played “You Spin Me Around” by Dead or Alove. I couldn’t hti thumbs down fast enough.

Computer repair shop on the Memorial highway has a changeable letter sign out front. It has read for at least a year “Teh Computer Repair shop”, which I thought was charming. They just changed it to “the”. Wonder why?

Working on my FIFTH revision for a client on a very complex project. He’s already paid me. I think it is done.

A very long three days loom. At least 12 hours today, and nine or so the next two. Hey, it’s not digging holes for telephone poles, but it is draining.

When I start to bitch about work it’s over. Thanks for reading. There seem to be more of you on a regular basis but take on offense – unlike self serving comments from Rock Stars on stage, YOU are not the reason for this exercise in deathless prose. If I didn’t spew this shit out somewhere it would fester inside of me until I rot, more than I am.
Pretty good safety valve, this.

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