Aggregate Saturday:

Aggregate Saturday:

So my numbers according to the great almighty gawd “GOOGLE” went thru the roof yesterday. I bet it was the “lewd” post. Show a little T&A and the battle for eyeballs is won.

Maybe I should just throw in the towel and put up a porn site.

With over 350 Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook, you would think I was a pretty popular guy. But it’s just FB friends and I am just a FB whore.

Porn site looking pretty good after all.

Dramatic decrease in word output this week. Just wasn’t in touch with my muse. Concentrating on my health which is paying dividends in spades. Guess which is more important to me?

A separate post, updated daily is “Juiced” – worth a look if you want to be healthier.

Three late nights in the world of regular work for me, culminating in a very late night tonight, well past midnight. Possibly some slack in the Sunday’s endeavors. In any case a rare Saturday off next week. I will hardly know what to do with it. It will probably rain.

Travails, trails and tribulations with putting the In-laws joint to rights continue. Basement clean out to accommodate new furnace installation. Literally floor to ceiling with only a shoulder wide path. Took six men and a dumpster just to to make room for the new furnace, which they don’t like (coal was better) and can’t understand how to use the thermostat. One day set for 46, next day for 98.
New stove fiasco. Old one functional but new one would be better. HAS to be non digital. Found same at Home Depot, was viewed and grudgingly approved (It’s new. It’s different. We don’t like it.) Order cancelled.

Don’t have relatives in any sort of proximity.

Enough. Thanks for reading. Sorry, no lewd photo today.

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