Movie Review: Paul

Paul 2010 NR 104 minutes

Director Greg Mottola (More As This Story Develops (TV movie) (filming),2009 Adventureland, 2007 Superbad) has done a spectacular job with Simon Peggs story about two Sci-Fi obsessed Brits (Pegg is one of them) on a vacation to tour the alien hot spots of the world such as Area 51. In their travels they encounter an actual alien (Paul) and the film becomes a basic road trip adventure with the two hapless brits trying to get the alien to the place where the mother ship can pick him up.

Full of sly (and some not so sly) references to other films in the Sci-Fi genre I found it enormously funny, and it had heart galore, on the same note, not taking itself too seriously. Sigourney Weaver was a treat and the “Alien references” were, as the brits say, “Spot on”.

Well worth watching.

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