We are NOT Penn State

I’m mad as hell. I won’t make any friends here. I could care less, but I don’t know how.

Eliminate all Penn State athletics. Every bit of it. Football, basketball, baseball, curling, bad-mitten, I don’t give a rats ass. If it’s coached get rid of it.

Keep the chess club, if there is one.

Take the money and put it into academics. Have freaking child molester protector Joe whatshisname build another goddam library to salve his conscience, not that that is Joegrandpa’s strong suit.

Oh, I hear you saying, the sports programs bring much needed cash into the U. BULLSHIT! Show me cost vs income. They won’t because that would make them look bad. If it makes so damn much money that the SCHOOL can’t survive without it then the SCHOOL should be turned into a state reformatory.

Continuing athletics condones the behavior. And mark my words, if there was abuse in the football, think of the possibility for more abuse in girls soccer. The amount of money it will cost to defend these cases, compensate the victims or cover the whole mess up and sweep it under the rug will well offset any money made by watching little boys run around on a football field.

It’s over folks. The fat lady has sung.

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A recovering radio addict wrestles with the written word.
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