R.I.P. “More More More” singer Andrea True

Andrea Truden arrived in New York from Nashville in 1968 with a yearning for stardom and no fixed idea about how to achieve it. She landed bit parts in a slew of movies, including “The Way We Were.” She sang in nightclubs, wrote music for television commercials and, for a while, found steady work as an actress in the city’s bur

Ms. Truden, who died on Nov. 7 at 68 in Kingston, N.Y., finally did win her stardom, if fleetingly, by writing and recording a song about the life she had known in the world of sex films. Produced under her stage name, Andrea True, the song, “More, More, More,” is now widely considered a classic of the disco genre, recognizable to many for the lyric “How do you like it?” repeated over a simple beat.

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