NO reservations

I have a dispute with the hotel we are staying at.

We have had NO problem with this place for over ten years of two stays yearly. We made friends with the front desk person and she always took care of us.

We have some history here. The last year of my Mother’s life we rented two of these condos side by side and it was a wonderful time. It might be noted that this joint is not cheap, with room rates in the summer 3-500 dollars.

We made our reservation for after Thanksgiving in August and got a confirmation. When we arrived the room had been taken by someone else who rented it for a month. The NEW girl at the front desk was all apologies and stuck us in a room so small that you had to go outside to change your mind. We are not pleased.

Here is the problem – new girl swears she sent an email and called to let us know about the change in September. Nada in my spam filter. No message on my phone. I check my email twelve times an hour (literally).

Questions: Why didn’t she send a snail mail? Why didn’t she try again with email and phone call?

Why was she such a bitch?

We upgraded to a two bedroom after seeing it was open. She has the balls to charge me the difference.

In ten years of staying here twice a year we could have bought a BMW.

We love this place but perhaps we will never come here again.

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