Trouble coming everyday…

To some, pepper spray is a mild, temporary irritant and its use has been justified as cities and universities have sought to regain control of their streets, parks and campuses.

To the American Civil Liberties Union, its use as a crowd-control device, particularly when those crowds are nonthreatening, is an excessive and unconstitutional use of force and violates the right to peaceably assemble.

This has been sitting on my desktop since just after Thanksgiving. It was saved with the words, “Goddammit” as the file name.

This 84 year old women has more courage than most half or even a quarter her age.

She blogs here and is in general quite a feisty old gal as you can in this video from her appearance on the Keith Olbermann Current TV show

Frank Zappa said it best, a long long time ago in 1966:

Pepper Spray

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