Sunday Wrap 12/19/11-12/24/11

Sunday Wrap 12/19/11-12/24/11

Monday 12/19/11

Blog Post More about the protests-Trouble coming every day-including the Frank Zappa tune.

Tuesday 12/20/11

Blog Post Don’t touch that dial…Best and worst TV ads of 2011

Wednesday 12/21/11

Blog Post A possible projection of my culinary future.

Blog Post Ralph McDonald R.I.P.

Thursday 12/22/11

Blog Post Radio DaZe: WACKY 102 and the porno bust

Not the actual theater.

Friday 12/13/11

Blog Post Tears in the batter-or how I learned to cook and cry at the same time…

Saturday 12/24/11
Blog Post Saturday Aggregate:I quote St Augustine, bitch about Christmas, love Christmas feast and planned overindulgence.

That ought to do it!

Blog Post Rising music playlist Christmas 2011

Blog Post Atheist gets coal in stocking

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