Saturday Aggregate: 12/31/11

Saturday Aggregate:12/31/11

and so it’s nearly done. The end of a very interesting year.

The things accomplished this year? Personally I have found the key (I think) to health.
Professionally I have made some choices (left teaching for one) and some effort-ting to pull myself up by my bootstraps. This is the year (2012) to see if I can make that go.

We got a new roof, the well has a new cover and the pool house has a new roof. All the gutters have been redone for the 10th time. The house suffered with the two big weather events, Tropical Storm Lee being the worse of the two (Hurricane Irene was devastating to the area, up here in the hills, not so much.

The MG has given me a clear message. Sell me in the Spring. So it shall be done.

Peanut butter and rice cakes. The breakfast of champions. Mmmm, good. Who’d have thought?

Day off today-torn about what to do-Movies? Big lunch someplace we don’t usually go? Flake out on the couch and oink like a pig? All of these are possibilities and sound good.

Saw a Blockbuster Ad on the TV last night. Going directly for NetFlix. But I just checked the website:

Sorry guys, that’s a fail in my book. If you can’t update your front page…meh.

Bigelows Lemon Tea! Yum!

I add a slice of lemon. I am wacky that way.

Just found a bag of brown rice that has a best buy date of May 2010. Can rice really go bad?

Sources say, yes!

Brown rice has a very short shelf life of 6 to 12 months. This is because the bran layer contains fatty acids, unprotected from the air in the outer layers of the kernel go rancid relatively quickly. To keep longer it is best to store your brown rice in the fridge in air tight containers.

Guess that bag hits the trash.

Our grocery store has the weirdest way of labeling aisles. The “Ethnic foods” aisle has all the canned tomatoes and sauces/pastes. Now I know it’s for making spaghetti “gravy” as they say here in NEPA but it’s also used for other non ethnic dishes.

And rice cakes? They are in the snack aisle. Go figger.

If you are looking for a vegetarian treat, check the frozen Kosher section. There is a spinach souffle and a squash one that are delicious. They do have a little egg white in them so they are not vegan…but even Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, suggests that small amounts in recipes won’t be too detrimental.

I think I prefer holiday weeks where the holiday falls on a Monday. That really gives weekend warriors such as myself a four day weekend. Well..kinda.

No measurable snow in December. No real long cold stretches. This I could get used to. Why do I feel like January and February are gonna be killer?

OK-buh bye 2011. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

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