Weight, weight, don’t tell me.

So happy New Year. I’ve gone Vegan!

This isn’t going to be for everyone. In fact I don’t imagine in my wildest dreams that I can convince anyone else to do this. Not even my close family members.

But I am convinced. I have drunken the Kool-Aid and having done this before in a modified fashion, juiced with a great degree of success I know it’s right for me.

I will not be posting on a regular basis about this, but will instead put up a sticky page that I will update daily. Vegan Life

This article sort of says it all.

Fat Trap

This guy below, I like- Vegan moderation. At least at first I think I will try to stay away from any bread and other processed carbs but life without olive oil? Not so sure about that.
Going Semi-Vegan

Vegan Recipes

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