I’ve said it before and I am sticking by it. I am not a stick and ball sports fan.

My sports stink of petro-carbons and make more noise than all the fans in Gillette stadium did last night, when the New England Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens. I love the smell of high-octane racing fuel in the morning.

But I am learning to enjoy the conflict between man vs man..at least in the playoff stage.

Other than an accident of birth in the Northeast I have no particular allegiance to the New England Patriots. Sure, I cheered them on big time when I was working in radio back there and they took on the Miami Dolphins in a bid for the Superbowl in 1985. The Pats lost the playoff game. It was a heart-breaker.

I also know a little about losing. I have lost a few times in my life. Radio ratings, which come out every three months, are fickle if nothing else. For most of my first career I lived and died by the ratings. It seemed that the losses were worse than the wins.

So I know how this guy feels.

It sucks, especially when you know it is really almost all your fault.

It’s a long walk to the showers.

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A recovering radio addict wrestles with the written word.
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