I once worked for a boss who caught me eating on the job

I was working on the radio and was literally trapped in a control room for 6 hours. So I brought my lunch with me. In between talking on the air I munched out. I did, that is until bossman came in and caught me. He didn’t say a word to me then but the next day a memo circulated the office saying that eating while working was forbidden.

I was reminded of this because a guy was axed recently for playing solitaire on his computer during a break. In both instances I have to wonder who was being hurt. I suppose my lunch could have possibly gotten crumbs into the equipment. I am pretty careful about making sure all my food gets to my pie-hole but you never know.

But this poor sap on the computer. What harm could he have caused? The guy in question, Edward Greenwood was fired from a job working as an assistant in the Mayor of New York’s office.

The twist to the deal is that Ed the solitaire player got caught because he asked if he could pose for a picture with Mayor Bloomberg and that’s when the Mayor noticed the game on the computer.

Hisshoner the Mayor said “There’s nothing wrong with taking a break but during the business day that’s not appropriate behavior.”

This guy had worked six years without a problem. He played the game during his lunch breaks.

Bloomberg also added this little nugget. He said that his own lack of computer skills keeps him from using his work computer for anything else. Oh yeah? He never used the machine on his desk for a personal email? Or the calculator to balance his checkbook?

It makes you wonder where the line gets drawn between what is good or bad. Is it better to sit and stare into space on a work break? Let your mind grow still and unused? Or is it better to try and  have a little fun and maybe improve your computer skills?

I know how the Mayor of the biggest city in this great country of ours feels about it.

Scrooge is alive and well in the big apple.

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