Aggregate Saturday

Aggregate Saturday

Shopping on Black Friday What are you, nuts?

Yes-if not before, after.

Not the typical day. A stop at Dollar General-suspiciously empty. As we entered the girl (lone) behind the register yelled to a stock boy “I’m bored.” Found some lotion for my feets for a dollar. (it rubs the lotion on…)

Right next door, maybe ten yards down the strip mall, Big Lots was doing a land office business. (Booming trade; perhaps derived from the activity of U.S. government land offices established to give away land to Western settlers.)

I mean it was wall to wall people.

Long-Suffering Wife loves a bargain more than breath. Found a bin the size of our house filled with $1.50 videos. Going thru this took some time. About a lifetime. I was feeling very much like the girl at Dollar General. I was bored. I was irritated to be in the company of so much unwashed humanity. Trust me, much of it was unwashed.

Signs that Northeast Pa is no longer an oasis of non-ethnic living. The store music was José Feliciano’s Feliz Navidad. The guy in the checkout lane behind us (yes, after a human gestation period we checked out) was belting it out. Knew all the words. In a heavy accent yet.

Mission was to find a open flea market. Harder than you might think. The one we found (after an hour drive) was…diseased. The large man in the recliner offered “anyting, two for a dollar.” Then reconsidered and upped it to “three fo’ a dollar.” No sale. I felt like taking a shower after I left.

I am on vacation. But still updating this. How about that for misguided dedication?

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