You would think if did something like this you would be locked up and they would throw away the key forever

Walking out of prison a free man after shooting the Pope seems to me an act that would qualify you to rot in prison for all the rest of your days.

But Mehmet Ali Agca , whose name sounds to me like you have a chicken bone suck in your throat has been released from prison in Istanbul 24 years after he shot Pope John Paul the Second at point blank range.

He was forgiven By the Pope for his actions but he served years in a Turkish prison (ever seen the Movie Midnight express?) for the 1979 murder of a prominent Turkish newspaper editor and an additional seven years for commandeering a taxi and robbing an Istanbul soda factory.

It seems that this dark stain on the soul of humanity is more or less out on parole. At least as near as I can figure out he is supposed to have been reporting to the authorities on a daily basis but hasn’t done so in a few days. Now his whereabouts are unknown.

All I know is this. The Pope may have forgiven him, but I will bet you all the Turkish taffy in Istanbul that there are some who haven’t.

I think if I was Mehmet Ali Agca I might have stayed in prison. It just might save his life.

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