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Blog Post for 1/15/2011-7:02am-8 degrees.


I love them.

More importantly I love reading them.

All kinds of books. Here is the stack by my bed.

Bed-side reading

On a guess there are about 100 books piled there.

Without looking I cannot tell you for sure what’s there. I know there is “The Beans of Egypt Maine” because that’s what I am reading now. Just finished “Dead in Five Heartbeats” by Sonny Barger – the Hell’s Angel leader. It was awful.

See that’s the thing. I don’t much care if the books are good or bad. I learn as much about writing from the horrible ones as I do from the ones that make me glad I can read.

I will work my way through that stack this winter and during the flea market and yard sale season I will replenish.

“I don’t have any time to read,” people tell me. I notice these folks never have any books on them, or near them.

Me, I am always equipped. Now that I have my Kindle:

Jim's Kindle

I always have something. 69 on there so far. Including the full N word version of Huckleberry Finn.

Darn Kindle is breaking me. If you check my Facebook page you will see I am a fan of Robert B. Parker.

Bob, who died about a year ago, was a prolific writer. Some of his books are a bit hard to find and lots of them I have not read are on Kindle.
So far I have spent about $50…

The rant today is one of quite a few that I have written about my ineptitude with things involving tools. It’s a rich field to mine.
Today’s rant is here. Click to see

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