Nocturnal emissions

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A red squirrel jumps from a branch

Blog post for Wednesday 1/19/11 – 31 degrees and about 1″ of snow.

The squirrel is back.

It could be the same squirrel who played hide and seek with the Christmas light but my money is on a red squirrel.

We see him from time to time.

He is without fear. He chases Grey squirrels four times his size and they run. Fast.

I have seen him stand up to crows, easily as big as B-52 bombers to him, without hesitation. The crows squawk and leave.

He is living in our attic. It’s over our heads when we are in the bedroom.

He spends most of the night doing stuff. He is VERY busy.

It sounds like he is running from one end of the house to the other.

At times he rolls something (another Christmas light?) back and forth, back and forth.

Two different traps have been tried.

It is to laugh.

He will depart for greener pastures when the weather warms.

I wish him well….but I wish him gone.


Surprisingly I wrote today’s blog post before I found this rant, from sometime in 2008. I didn’t plagiarize myself too badly. This rant always made me laugh.

The squirrels have taken up residence in the attic again.

It’s been a couple of years since the bushy tailed critters have made the space above our heads their home and I can’t say I am on the welcome wagon committee for them. For one thing they are noisy. I am not sure what they are doing up there but it sounds like they are setting up a rodent bowling alley. They must also have some sort of detection device

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