Aggregate Saturday

Todays Rant
Blog post for Saturday 1/29/11 – 6:05 AM – 18 degrees. Nothing remarkable about the weather

Aggregate Saturday


If you recall today is the day I will push out that stuff that does not deserve a full blog posting but is just too good to not share.
In other words this is a lazy way to keep my promise of posting every day.

WordPress is down. Both the siteadmin and the main pages from the looks of things. Could just be my site. In a case for making a beverage out of sour fruit I used some of the time I would have spent pissed off to sign up with Amazon’s affiliate program. So buy the books and videos I recommend here and I get some reward, if you buy them by clicking the link in my blog.

This is a very late post due to the site outage.

Spent several hours yesterday shopping for and eventually buying a large screen, plasma TV. Technology is SO bewildering sometimes. 1080p or I? 720? plasma, LED or LCD? refresh rate? Screen size? Yaaaaaaaaah!!!
I finally pulled the trigger on this one:

I still may regret going 720p instead of 1080. We will see. I also may have bought too large a screen. Also a wait and see deal.
But we will watch the Superbowl in HD. Go Steelers. (like I really care…)

My Blackberry email was down all day as well…just came back up and is buzzing and dinging like mad.

That’s all from Lake Wobegone:

Todays rant is a fantasy of mine. It’s something I have wanted since the 60’s and maybe just maybe I will get it. DO NOT tell the long-suffering wife!

Captain Kirk, Spock and some unfortunate crew member in a red shirt would stand on the transporter pad and shout at Scotty to “energize”. Scotty would twiddle … More

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