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Maybe it's all pointless

Blog-Post for Thursday 2/3/2011 – 17 degrees at 6:08 AM – The world is an ice castle. That overgrown rat in Punxsutawney better be on the money or I’ll have him on a spit.

Today is supposed to be the day I post some of my work from my Journalism class. We had no class Tuesday. Some would no doubt say that we have no class on any other day of the week as well. Rim shot. Ba da boom.

Instead I will give you:

Blog production for dummies
. I don’t know how other bloggers do this. I probably should ask. No doubt I am doing it all wrong or wasting time. But in looking at other entrants in the NEPA blogosphere (NO one calls it that. I doubt ANYONE ever did) I feel the final product is as good as and in some cases way better. I try to make all the elements make sense, make sure the pictures and video are uniform (I see a daily blog that the author consistently posts video that overlaps his right hand rail. It looks sloppy. But when I posted to him and showed him how to correct it he ignored me. Sigh.)

Sometimes I feel just this way

This blog post is pretty much written in my head overnight. When I sit down here at the Dell Inspiron first thing I do is post the rant D’Jour. I have over 700 stored on this machine and if I ever run short I have file folders (remember those? Beige? Made from paper?) more.

After that is up and I have added some artwork, images or video to it I post here. I write directly into WordPress. It’s about a half hour process depending on the length and how much has been pre-written in my head in bed.

Adding links, images and proofing is next. I would guess the whole process takes about an hour. I will have to adjust my schedule a bit when I return next week to a daily workout at the gym. My goal is to link this on Facebook by 7am. Clearly that is a moving target.

As a rant today I will post one of my assignments from last term. I would say that it stands alone, needs no introduction. No tease as it will give it away.

Click here for the Rant D’jour

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