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Blog Post for Tuesday 2/8/11 – 29 degrees – snow, maybe 2 or 3 inches – L.C.C.C. on compressed schedule


This is not meant as a complaint.

Lord knows things could be a LOT worse.

But the next weeks, particularly the next two will be incredibly busy for me.

#1. The job that provides most of the household income is ratcheting up after a slow time. I work for a local company, Keldan Media which owns and runs TruckSeries.com and is contracted to SPEED.com. I am an associate editor which means I shovel content online. This next two weeks are SPEEDWEEKS which is the NASCAR equivalent of the Super Bowl. After Thanksgiving the NASCAR season ends and it’s been restful. That’s done. Long, busy days, late nights and pressure.

#2. I am teaching three sections of CIS 107 again at L.C.C.C. I am trying to figure out how to make a class designed to teach elementary computer skills to a wide range of student ability work for all those abilities. Some of these students are not well versed in computers at all. Some consider it their mission to prove they know more than I do. I am updating the material as I go. It’s a lot of work, teaching 45 students under the best of circumstances. This is not the best of circumstances. I do enjoy teaching for many reasons. This conundrum not being one of those reasons.

#3. I am taking a Journalism course. Actually sitting in the classroom and learning alongside students who I have taught and am teaching. Some of them find this very amusing. I hope they sometime get to switch careers and try to learn new skills. I hope they have to do it after a lifetime of doing something else. I like learning. I do feel a little under the gun, as this learning could put me in a better position to do the job that brings in the larger income. Homework, reading and getting my tired old ass into school is a drain.

#4. I write. Here and for the WEEKENDER. Its a great pleasure. It takes time. It keeps me awake at night, thinking about what I am going to write. It would anyway. I have updated this blog every day since 1/1/11 and will continue to live up to that commitment. Clearly some days are better than others. But I write. Every day.

#5. I must be crazy. I have agreed, in principle, to resurrect “Rising at Ten”, the hour-long radio show I did on 102.3 The Mountain. I am thrilled to be asked but it is a formidable task on top of all the above and I suspect that they will need shows beginning next week, the very busiest time at the NASCAR job. How long does it take to produce an hour of “Rising at Ten”? At least two hours and at first probably double that as I feel my way around the technology needed to do this from the Huntsville Sound studios, set up as a recording studio and not a radio station. I want to to a great job, I need it to be better than what I did at WDMT. I would hope to get a fresh rant for each show. I need to do the research and find tunes. WDMT had (courtesy of many long hours) a great, deep library. It also had technology to make access easier and the shows were voice tracked, i.e. not done in real time. I know I can streamline the actual production process here but at first it will be labor/time intensive. Whew! It makes me tired just thinking about it.

#6. Real life. It snows every single f@$ing day. It’s stupid cold. People get sick. Cars won’t start. Haircuts are needed. Relatives have ended up in the hospital. Funerals have to be attended. Life goes on and it never gets any easier. But, as I cheerfully remind the long-suffering wife, it beats the alternative.

But this all would be easier and more fun if I was banging this out on the deck by the pool.


The rant is from 2 years ago. It’s the original Gothic Kitties story and I put it up because the monster Holly Crawford who did the deed is crying about how tough her life is. She wants to go back to her life of grooming animals at her chamber of horrors and doesn’t want the SPCA hovering over her.

Decorum and lawsuits prevent me from saying what I think about Holly Crawford.

I was going to write
a nice warm and fuzzy column for today. After all it is Christmas Eve. I was going to talk about the glories of Christmases long, long ago because it is…more

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