Aggregate Saturday

My father kept a journal every day of his life. He wrote it in long hand. After he died I read some of them (not many-see Dale Sr. comment below) and one in which he did three pages on the different pens he used and how and why he liked them. I thought it a tad excessive if not bordering on obsessive.

So I find it downright hilarious that I wrote this Rant D’jour, nearly 1,200 words on cellphones. For the record I went back to a Blackberry.

So I bought a new cell phone yesterday. I have written before about new cell phones. I had a very bad experience with a model called…more

Blog Post for 2/12/11 – Saturday – 21 degrees at 6:07 AM – almost 20 degrees higher than yesterday.


Another aggregate Saturday

Dale Jr is on the pole for the Bud Shoot Out (blind luck of the draw, but…) and posted the fast time in a practice session yesterday at Daytona. I continue to be a fan.

SPEED ran a Dale Sr. special last night, centering on “The Day.” Against my better judgment I watched some of it. I found out something about myself. I am NOT done with the steps of grief surrounding that event.

I want, so bad, to write a column comparing the evil judges to lizards. I want to photo shop their ugly faces onto lizard bodies. I hate them SO much. I despise them for what they did to kids and for what they did to the reputation of our area. I guess I should wait until I am not frothing at the mouth.

I checked my stats as to the countries that have accessed this blog. I am big in Canada and England.

And I have three visits from Ireland. My Mom would have been thrilled.

I have a towering pile of school work to get at so this will be short today. I hate writing in class. I was OK with it in my feature class because I am comfortable in that format. Writing soft, hard and anecdotal leads in a classroom is hard. I write my best when I am alone with the Dell on the kitchen table.

I did two “Rising at Ten” shows yesterday. I had the most fun I have had with my clothes on in quite a while. I think they turned out OK. The whole process took about 5 hours. It’s odd. Some parts of the deal, mostly technical, are quicker in my home studio. Some parts of the deal, mostly the assembly process, finding songs and placing them into the audio editor are WAY faster than at the big radio place.
The voice work, is as always, the slowest part. Even after a lifetime of doing it I still suck at it, and with the option if redoing it I am my own worst critic. I think they are good. Not great. Good. Very spartan, no production values, just a lot of music and some me. I will let you judge when the station (WFTE) is up and running and airs them. Next week I am told.

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