Tuesday morning review

The Rant D’Jour is from 2006. It’s another true “rant” in which I rail against a person who committed a very odious crime. I pretty much left it alone. I corrected some spelling errors but I assume this one was straight to radio as is pre-dates WEEKENDER submission. I even left the tag line on it.

I think Bob Dylan said Steal a little they’ll lock you up, steal a lot they’ll make you King. In the case of…Rant D’Jour

Blog Post for Tuesday 2/22/11 – 7 degrees at 5:45 AM – Snow, cold and wind. What more could you want?

Tuesday morning review

The Social Network is the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the beginnings of Facebook. There is some dispute over how accurate it is, how close it keeps to the facts about how Zuckerberg put together the social networking site that now connects over 500 million people worldwide and made him a very rich man.

There is no dispute about how bad the movie is. At least from this writers perspective.

I am not so blind as to know that I am way out of the demographic that this movie is aiming at. Probably most of my problems with it stem from that. It’s a product of the quick cut, weak storyline, but loads of visual candy school of film-making, a style which came out of MTV music videos and taught a generation that anything that is on the screen for more than a few seconds is BORING.

This movie is extremely hard to follow and wanders around the story in such a way that you are not even sure what the story is at any given moment.

But it is slick, glossy and has enough buzz going for it because it is about something that is very near and dear to the hearts of the targeted audience, the Facebook addicts.

I will give props to this scene:

I think it the best scene of putting a lawyer in his place I have ever viewed. But, at the very end the lawyer winks. And at the very end Zuckerberg does write a huge check to the evil twins. So, as it is in real life the lawyers win. Still a good scene.

For a different telling of a technology tale watch “Pirates of Silicon Valley.”

I know that it plays fast and loose with the facts, that the movie itself is not great and the acting borders on life-threateningly bad, but I think it does a better job in almost the same sort of situation, trying to unravel how a developing technology came to be.

Rant D’Jour

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