Aggregate Saturday

I remembered writing the Rant D’Jour (which is from 2009) because the NASCAR boys and girls are in Las Vegas. The rant draws some comparisons between Vegas and Plains Township. It also quotes from a Hoyt Axton song made popular by Three Dog Night. What more could you want?

Myself, I’ve never been to England, Las Vegas or Lido’s which I think is in San Jose California. I have been in Plains….more



Blog Post for Saturday 3/5/11 – 37 degrees at 7 am. Big time rain in the forecast. The ground here is still snow covered.

Aggregate Saturday

I made a typo on the motorsports web site last night. The boss caught it (naturally). I hate typos. But everyone makes mistakes in their work. Most people try to get away with them.

I saw a person at Sheets yesterday, carefully weigh out a portion of french fries, put them in the chrome fry basket and then dump them out of the fry basket into the fryer. Even I know that’s wrong. She later denied doing this to her supervisor. They got into it pretty good. It really slowed down the sub making process. The sub sucked.

I can find entertainment almost anywhere. Today at Sheets. Dinner and a show.

The longer I am a diabetic the less I understand this disease. I am beginning to think the morning meter readings are worthless.
Don’t tell, OK?
Last night I ate leftover Valentines day candy and snacked on crackers and cheese right before bed.
My fasting sugar this AM was 108.
Some mornings when I when I behave it’s much higher. The good news is it’s never above guidelines (130) so the gila monster spit I inject weekly is doing it’s stuff.

Next week I am off from school. It’s Spring Break. Many years ago, before the long-suffering wife and I got scared to fly, we went to Cancun the week of spring break. We didn’t know. The hotel was filled with drunken college students. But other than having to have the pillowcase changed one night (I am sure it was washed. I am also sure it was used as barf bag recently. It stank) we actually had a good time. We had the resort and the day trips to the ruins pretty much to ourselves as the college kids were either not interested in going or too hungover to care.
We were in our beds and asleep every night before the rowdiness began so it worked out for us and the kids.

Haven’t a clue for a column this week. I’ll probably mess around with the weather. It’s an easy way out. Tolstoy it ain’t, but he was Russian.
In Russia weather eats you.

I can now do the motorsports job on this laptop, a big deal for me. I worked the other day completely from here and it was fine. I am not so sure I want to do deadline stuff here, as having the dual 24″ monitors and the other stuff that goes with the big system is nice when you are in hurry. But in a back-up situation (or…this summer..on a slow day…by the pool) I think this will work out fine.

OK-that’s enough. I’ll put the window dressing on this (lipstick on the pig) and send it flying.


Rant D’Jour

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