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The Rant D’Jour is about the grease that makes civilization work.
Not, not bribes, although here in Luzerne county that’s closer to the truth. No, I speak of politeness.

God must love rude people. He made so many of them, after all. It’s just astounding to me…more


Blog Post for Monday 3/14/11 – 32 degrees at 6:08 AM – snowing but not enough to make me take my clothes off.

Yes, I did make it into the gym this morning.

Thanks for asking.

One of the less pleasant things was my drive to the gym. I often don’t drive my car for days. If we go out on the weekend we take the long-suffering wife’s car.

So it was this morning as I made my half awake way to the place where they keep the treadmill that I looked at the dashboard clock.

The non-advanced dashboard clock.

The one that was telling me it was really 3:45 AM.


Not what I needed on my first day back to health and fitness.

Not much has changed at the gym in my two (three?) month absence.

Couple of new exercise machines.

A new sign in sheet, to keep people from propping open the door and letting whoever in. Jury is out on how well that will work.

This gym went 24 hours about a year ago. You enter with a key card that opens the door. It works. Sometimes. About one in ten swipes.

They fired all the front desk folks. I used to do that job. It was excruciatingly boring. I quit before they could fire me.

Unless I am mistaken the gym I go to is the only gym in the Back Mtn. There was a tiny one next to a dairy bar down the street. I think that went out of business quite a while ago.

So the options are very limited for exercise in my neck of the woods.

I will try to be faithful to a Monday – Friday visit to the palace of sweat. I really need to in order to get set for speedo season.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Rant D’Jour

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