Petite Lap Giraffes: Real?

Blog Post for Sunday 3/27/11 – 24 degrees at 7:52 AM – Just cold-too cold.

OK- so I love the Direct TV commercials featuring the mini-giraffe. I posted the first commercial on Facebook and squealed like a little girl about it.

A Facebook friend turned me on to this: which is pretty funny and very well done. It has a “Giraffe-Cam!”

that is priceless. I checked it last night and it was even showing a night-time scene which would of course be wrong for the “Russian” time-zone but never mind. I have no idea how they do this. They even have items in the field of vision (a rake for example) that confirm the little creatures dwarf size. Well done. The ad agency for Direct TV is on top of their game.

Of course I poked around the WEB to see what I could find out. This Blog: has all sorts of interesting things, including one of the stock shots used to show the tiny creature taking a bubble bath (Grooming: a bubble bath once a week with purified water is all they need) in a hot tub.

This Blog is posted by Ian Dennis Miller, who I really like for this quote if for nothing else:

quotes I like

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

–Arthur C. Clarke

which is something I tell my bored CIS 107 students all the time.

After marveling at Mr Miller’s deconstruction of the myth I also checked out the comments section for this article.

I love comments. I think they are key to building a following and I get that positives are not as valuable as negatives. These are uncorrected and pretty much speak for themselves although I could not resist a comment or three.


i know that the direct tv giraffe commercials are fake, cause the visual effects studio that i used to work at made those giraffes. they are 100% cg.

ED: Probably abbreviated “CG” cause (sic) he couldn’t spell it.

I grew up in Russia. We used all kinds of dreams to keep us alive and give us hope. And we used humor as food for the day. These fellows managed to capture the best of both. I’ll bet they are not even Russions though.
Thanks Igor and Nakita
YOu are the best

Ed: Grew up in a country you can’t spell?

Jimmy Hoffa Says:

Wow, you’re so gullible that I have a feeling this whole blog is the real joke… no? it’s not? you really thought you were watching some abomination walking around on screen? Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the internet. Also, go take biology class again.

From IDM: You are a reminder that we must hug the trolls, rather than feed them.

ED: Priceless response.

In conclusion:

I HAVE done this. More than once.


The Rant D’Jour is about the demise of an institution. Radio is another dying institution about which I often say: “Radio is not the buggy whip maker. Radio is the maker of the holder for buggy whips. Radio is less than useless.” Feel free to quote me.

The march of progress
is often at the expense of something.
Buggy whips are…more


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