Enough with the little real giraffe already

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I hate to keep talking about this.

No, that’s a big fat hairy lie.

I love to talk about this. I love it more than anything else I do with my clothes on.

The long-suffering wife will NOT like that comment.

I promise that after today I will stop with the little giraffe. At least in this blog.

But I just think the whole thing is so darn interesting, how my posts about the small guy have worked magic on visits to this here blotch on the internet.

Not a small one

But I wouldn’t want to beat a dead “giraffe.”

I don’t want to be accused of being a “One-trick Giraffe.”

So this will be the last giraffe update until I have something really new to say.

It’s now four days after “giraffe day” and things are getting interesting.

For those of you just joining us “giraffe day” saw a tenfold spike in visitors to this here blog.

You can read all about it here and here.

Several things have occurred.

One: I wrote to Seth Godin the author of “Poke the Box” and told him how the book helped me and what I did.


Thanks, Mr. Godin.

He said: “Go, go go.”

No problem.

Two: My visitor’s number spiked again. I mean BIG-TIME.

Huh? day

We will call it “Huh? Day.

It’s still the magic of the small giraffe as near as I can tell. But you know what?

I will take it.

What kills me is that after all my experimenting and trial and error this little guy has shown me the way. Or at least furthered my rather simple understanding of what this deal is all about.

Спасибо! (“spa-see-ba”) – Thank-You little guy.


My book “…But Then Again I Could Be Wrong – The Book Of Rants” is now almost five years old. It’s still very much for sale:

But I would like to reward loyal readers of this feeble attempt in the blogosphere (NO one calls it that anymore. I doubt they ever did.) with a free (yes, free) copy of But Then Again I Could Be Wrong: The Book of Rants
Seriously, no strings attached, no salesman will call.

Just email me here: http://jamesrising.com/contact/ and I will explain how to get your free copy. There is a limited amount available in this offer so act now, as they say.

Thanks for reading. Or as the little giraffe would say:


Rant D’Jour


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