Aggregate Saturday


Aggregate Saturday

I have made it to the gym every day this week. And every day last week. Yahoo! for me. The good news it that my blood sugar (fasting) is now no higher than 110. And that is very good news indeed.

To insert that funny link to Yahoo! just took me a couple of minutes. That’s because the “link “tool” on this WordPress deal does not work, so I have to cut and paste link code from a cheat sheet and then mess with it.

No, I am not a complete netidot. It doesn’t work. pffft.

If there is something better than the first hit of coffee in the morning I have yet to find it.

It’s just after 6am and the goofy neighbor is riding his four wheel recreational vehicle. He rides it across the street on the grounds of the Huntsville reservoir which is posted every 5 feet with signs saying not to trespass. The land is owned by the Pennsylvania American Water company and I am sure they would be less than thrilled.

The aforementioned goofy neighbor is a detective for the Luzerne County District Attorneys office. He makes $108,848 a year according to published reports. He is well paid and above the law. So it goes.

Full disclosure: I dislike my goofy neighbor very much. I have several valid reasons. May the bird of paradise fly up his nose.

There. I feel better.

This week the temperature will hit 70. It’s time to wrestle with my MG. I haven’t started it all winter. I will put the trickle charger on it today. It will not start next week. I may sell it this year. It better be listening.

The adventure in plumbing that I made reference to the other day Hard came to exactly $297.10. I am actually thrilled that it wasn’t more. The guy was here for over three hours and had to crawl on his belly like a snake. He did a great job, at a fair price. B.N. Fitch & Sons, Inc. Dallas, Pa. 570-675-6446

WordPress word count does not count embed links.

Stack of bills, trickle charger to plug in and connect (the battery compartment in the MG is under the back seat. Five rusty screws. Space not big enough for a chimp, let alone an overfed, long-haired leaping gnome.) In other words, lots to do and here I sit trying to make word count.

Ask a writer. Word count on a word processor is:

A- the work of the devil
B- the best thing since sliced bread
C- word count?

Goal per post is 500 words. Totally arbitrary. My rule. My WEEKENDER column used to be 450. Then they upped me on a redesign to 550. Then 650. I liked 450 better.

There. Pffft. I have exactly 500 right here.


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