Of Guns and Butter

Image is everything.

You can make all sort of changes in a country, stop genocide, improve the quality of life for the citizens and make yourself a power in the world but if you have a gun on your flag who is going to believe it.

Countries flags are the most visible symbol of that particular nation. You look at the flag of most countries and it’s pretty generic and peaceful. Red white and blue with stars, that’s us. Big old Maple leaf in the middle, Oh Canada! An AK-47..Oh that would be Mozambique.

To be fair to Mozambique the Kalashnikov is crossed with a hoe. The farm implement, although if it was the other kind of hoe that would be interesting in another very different way.

Way back in our nations history we had a snake on our flag. It said don’t tread on me, the implication is that we would bite you.

But we never had a musket.

Picture your level of confidence disembarking at the Maputo airport in Mozambique and seeing the Green Black Gold and red flag flapping in the breeze with that big Old Russian automatic front and center.

Mozambique recently settled a bloody civil war that killed over a million innocent civilians. The flag with the gun on it is probably not a sign that they will start slaughtering each other again.


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