Aggregate Saturday


Aggregate Saturday

We are car shopping. The long-suffering wife’s ten year old blew a head gasket. It has more than 105,000 miles on it. It’s done. Stick a fork in it.

The blew a head gasket line just can’t go by without this:

I hate the whole entire experience of buying a car. It’s a terrible pia and I suspect that since I haven’t done it in five or six years that it hasn’t gotten any better.

I am remarkably tied to routine but OK with change. At least in my mind I am OK with change. Go ahead. Change my routine. Let’s see what happens.

The birds are tweeting their brains out just beyond the walls of the house. If it wasn’t 5am and dark I would take this laptop up by the pool (closed) and work there. It’s also only 44 degrees out. It’s a nice notion but maybe for another day.

I just spent ten minutes on Google looking for bird brain size. Boy, the internet has a lot of information. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I could spend a lot time on bird brains. I thought this article was really interesting and I am putting up the link so I will remember to read it all. Crows make tools! Who knew.

Imagine walking out and seeing all those little bird brains that our feathered friends tweeted out laying in your path.

Typos are natures way of telling us to slow down and smell the pixels.

Thursday was “wine” day at school. This is the day in the semester where the students who have attended one third of the classes, done none of the assignments or any of the quizzes want to know how they can pass the class.
It’s college, folks, not grade school. Go find some cheese and enjoy your “whine” elsewhere.

If I don’t know your name by the end of the semester, nor do I recognize your face I can pretty much predict your grade.

I have really only had one pia student this term. That’s a fairly remarkable ratio when you consider I have 36 students in three sections. But this one student made up for it. In spades. I suspect they know who they are. Guess what? Buh Bye!

The MG is being sold. It will become part of the payment for the new car. It was great fun but needs an owner who has the time to enjoy it. ’74 chrome bumper if you are wondering.

The grass needs cutting but the upper lawn is still far too wet for the lawn tractor. I would get it stuck for sure. I had good intentions yesterday with a late start (2pm) at the NASCAR job to do the bottom half. The nap I took instead was very nice.

The asparagus piece from yesterday will make a fine WEEKENDER column. Maybe there will be some of the delicious green stuff there at the guys house today. I hope so.

Day off from NASCAR tomorrow. I don’t get too many Sunday’s off. I am looking forward to it.

Yesterday a deer-a-doh a female deer was snacking on our bushes about five yards from the kitchen window. Just about sunset, I am sure it was brighter inside than out. She saw me in the window and stopped her dinner to peer at me for the longest time. I know it was threat assessment but if this deer was Robert De Niro…

OK, that’s enough rambling through my disordered mind for today. Thanks for reading!

The Rant D’Jour seems particularly appropriate in light of the news that a dog was in on the Bid Laden deal.

Is there a doctor..or a dog in the house? Man’s best friend just got a few more gold stars…more


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