Living on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine.

Hey 19.

She don’t want to know from Captain Trips. Humph. Could show her a few things or two about that axe, that’s for sure.

It’s not easy. You think it’s easy? Well it’s not. Disappearing. Faking death. Ha! I even went to the services. Morrison and Hendrix were both there in disguise. Thought I saw the King but he’s pretty elusive these days.

Yeah, I’m in better shape now, thanks for noticing. Quit the damn cigarettes and all that other goofy shit I was doing. Living on reds, vitamin C and cocaine …no more. We thought we were invincible. A heart attack later and we were worm food. Not me, brother. I bailed. Split from the whole fuckin’ program.

God! She’s murdering that song. But I if I say something she’ll just dismiss me as another old coot. Or worse, scream like the last one. That was a trip!

It would sure feel great to hold a guitar again. Like embracing an old lover. But that way just leads to madness and I know better. It’s why we pulled this off, me and the band. Oh yeah, they were all in on it. Yeah, Weir even came up with the heart attack idea. Spooky feeling being with him when he put those ashes (One of my guitars – we thought it appropriate) in that urn.

What am I doing? What the hell do you think? Can’t play. Can’t sing. I’m almost 70.

But I am having a good time. Walking the beach. Bob or one of the other band guys drops by and gives me some cash now and then. I got the RV. Wish I had a guitar though.

Girl is starting to give me the good bye old man look. Guess I’ll let these boot heels go wandering, like Zimmy used to say. Well. Sandals. You know what I meant.

Later, Dude.

ED NOTE: Photography by Ed Sherlinski-words by yours truly.


The Rant D’Jour is about buggy whips. And Kodak. It’s from 2006.

I noticed the other day that Kodak has gone out of the camera business. No, not the film camera business…more


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