Aggregate Saturday


Aggregate Saturday:

Once again into the breach we go-car shopping. Our destination? Towanda and a nice sounding lady named Pattie.

Please dear lord of all things automotive..let this be the right car, the right deal.


It’s more than just wanting to make the long-suffering wife happy, although heaven knows that is the biggest part.

She has been driving my “Outlander” while this long ordeal has been going on and hates it. Although its not the biggest of SUV’s she does prefer a sedan.

I have been driving the MG. The brakes mostly failed about a month ago. It has no horn. It’s exciting to say the least. I am avoiding hills at all costs.

I’m trying to figure out the City-vest deal. The old Hotel Sterling in Wilkes-Barre will be demolished after years of this City-Vest group spending in the neighborhood of $10 million of taxpayers money spent to develop the property? What did they do with all that money?

It’s a shame. When I first moved to town we were considering the hotel lobby area as our studio. It had served as that for WBRE after the flood and some of the studio areas were still intact. Good thing we choose to move elsewhere, as it turned out.

The feds busted an Asian Massage parlor racket and herewith the 98 page indictment. It’s mind numbingly boring in a way that only a federal court doc can be but there are some very interesting passages if you can wade thru the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Lurid reading? Massage Parlor Indictment PDF

Yikes! Tools indeed!

I lived in Springfield Massachusetts for years before I moved here. You watch pictures of places that you don’t know and you feel for the people in the devastation. The other day I was looking at places I knew well. We drive by Springfield every year on our way to Vt. twice. My daughter and my youngest son live near Hartford. Close enough to scare me. My daughter does business all around the area hit hard. 7 or eight of her locations are closed.

What the hell is going on with these tornadoes? Almost, not quite, but almost can make you believe in the coming apocalypse.

I have just been informed that we WILL hit a yard sale on the way to Towanda. This changes our route. Mapquest says several times on the new route “If you go by _______ you have gone too far. Should be an adventure.

Coffee to make, pool to check on and miles to go.


TheRant D’Jour is about baseball.


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