Aggregate Saturday


Aggregate Saturday

Right up top here:

This is a story about my brother and his wife. The portion featuring them is about 1:35 in. I don’t know what can be done to help them but you need to know this: Every year for the past dozen or so they go, often at their own expense, to Mexico to treat diabetics. The disease is rampant in our southern neighbor’s population and they have done more good than you can imagine. They are seriously good folks who deserve more than the shit sandwich they have been handed.

If you can think of anything to help, if you have some ideas about repairing the structure, please let me know? Thanks in advance.

Speaking of thanks, this appeal of mine could not come at a worse time. Some mindless soulless web guy at Google decided that I was getting too many hits. So they have made some ‘adjustments’ in the Google analytic deal to basically collapse my numbers worse than my brothers basement.
So thanks for that, Google.

On the other hand if my numbers were inflated (and they probably were becasue of the Petite Lap Giraffe stuff) then it’s good to know that all the numbers that it shows now are real.
Welcome. Both of you.

Raining like a cow pissing on flat rock out there. Not supposed to say ‘out there’, you know. Because YOU are OUT There. Old radio thing. For an old radio guy. Humor me. Or not.

We finally have a new (to us) car. If you have been following this saga it has taken nearly two months to find exactly what the long-suffering wife wanted.

We had to go to HELL on earth (Towanda, Pa.) to get it. I don’t say Towanda is hell on earth lightly. This little town is being raped by the Marcellus shale drillers. It’s awful to be there and I feel for the residents, who, I am told have 20 years of this to look forward to. This deserves a further closer exam at some point and I promise to do it.

The car is nice. ’09 Pontiac G-6. Very clean, very low mileage. Very high price. I hate buying cars. I always feel like I have been taken advantage of. But it’s a good looking car and it has every accessory ever invented, of which the LSW will use – none. “What’s XM radio?” she wants to know. “It compares to cable TV,” I said. “Oh.”

I doubt we will ever get it, or the “On-Star” running.

The best thing? The radio has an input jack. I can plug my Blackberry into it and play Pandora. This will be a big hit on trips.

I just got the pool chemistry right, and now it’s raining. Timing is everything.

Just some housekeeping notes for both of you.
The weekly Blog schedule goes like this:
Every day that ends in ‘y’ I re-post an older “rant” and call it the “Rant D’Jour”. I was thinking about stopping this but there is more reaction from social (heh- I can tawk the tawk) to those than to my regular Blog Posts. Should tell me something.

Regular Blog Posts:
Monday-something fresh.
Tuesday-a review-generally of a movie but might be a book. Could be Kielbasa.
Wednesday– The WEEKENDER Column. This may be the previous Friday’s post.
Thursday– RaDio DaZe-the continuing chronicle of a life wasted on the air.
Friday – Seems to be where I work on the WEEKENDER Column.
Saturday – Aggregate. A compendium of stupidity. Mercifully brief.
Sunday – Wrap. All the previous weeks dreck compressed into a pointless list of links no one looks at.

Some say I am a bit negative. You think? Enough. I have had enough. Let me up.


The Rant D’Jour is about personal hygiene and my food.

With all due apologies to the hundreds of restaurants in the area that serve buffets I can’t stomach it.
Oh yes I am guilty of the occasional…more


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