Crank it up

I now know the surest sign of all that I am over the hill.

I cannot, for the life of me imagine needing 14 speakers in my car.

When I was a boy and I walked to school ten miles in the snow , uphill both ways in tornados my dad’s car had AM only and one crackling fuzzy distorted speaker. Then, even before FM we wired my buddy’s car with two speakers to use the new stereo 8 track player. More recently I had a custom sound system installed in a car. I say recent. Maybe ten or fifteen years ago? It had two speakers in the doors and a bass speaker in the trunk.

Now that was sophisticated.

Now I think the family truckster has maybe four speakers…maybe six. I dunno. It’s loud enough to make my long suffering wife tell me to turn it down. And it sounds pretty good.

But I just saw where you can order a Audio A8 (maybe you can. I could if I won the lottery) with a 14 speaker system. Its only $6300 extra but hey, if your gonna go first class…I believe my first five cars added together didn’t cost $6300…but anyway.

And if 14 speakers isn’t enough for you. how about 19? The Lexus will come so equipped. And you can bet it won’t be free.

And if it’s raw power you want? You can get a 600 watt system in the Lincoln MKX crossover. I have been to concerts with less than 600 watts. So maybe it’s true what we used to say to old farts. If it’s too loud, you’re too old. All I have to say to that is. Huh? What? Huh?

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