Sooner or later it had to happen. My town is getting a Starbucks.

I will admit here and now that I have only had one cup of Starbucks coffee in my life. I was at a business meeting in Chicago which promised to be a long and probably pretty boring affair. Two of my fellow business-meeting-goers suggested a quick run to Starbucks to fuel up on expensive caffeine. Not knowing how or what to order I let the other guys order for me.

When I was handed the cup I took the top off and put my usual three packets of artificial sweetener in it. The other guys just looked on with shock and informed me that the coffee was already plenty sweet. So I had a really really sweet cup of Starbucks coffee. It sucked. But that was my fault, not Starbucks.

Starbucks must have something going for it. The Chain, which has been around since 1971, has 12,000 locations in at least 30 countries and has over 117,000 people on the payroll. Some say a town isn’t truly considered to be completely civilized until you have at least one Starbucks. So now Dallas will be completely civilized. Why is it then that I think it would be equally important to have a bookstore too?

This, written in 2006, outlived the Starbucks which closed in 2008 is now an AT&T wireless store.

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