Aggregate Saturday

Aggregate Saturday:

This week seems like it was longer than most. Odd because it has the same old same old written all over it. Weird how our perception of time is. I wrote a couple of good pieces on that. I will look for them, perchance to update and recycle.

I am toying with cutting down to one post per day. The fresh one. The “Rant D’Jour” has always been recycled from the vast archive of Rising at Ten and But then again… but now It seems to me I am repeating them. This is worth thinking about, I think.

Gosh I love coffee. I wish I could swim in it, sometimes. How did I ever give it up?

Green Mountain is hands down the best. Most expensive but oh so good. Current fave:
Colombian Fair Trade select Single origin
It’s pricey because it comes in a 10 oz bag as opposed to the regular 12 oz size for the same price but man oh man. It’s a treat that can’t be beat.

I would love to try this one: Special Reserve La Union Mexico but I just can’t get beyond a $25 price point (With shipping). Fathers day is coming. Next year. Umm….my birthday is coming.

I am beat beyond recognition. Mowed the grass at the in-laws and our joint. BUT BUT BUT. The Godforsaken lawn tractor which does 2/3rds of ours with my ass in the seat stalled out after one lap. Start and park for you NASCAR Fans. I dunno what’s wrong. Seems like it might be fuel filter related but it’s above my pay-grade. It’s parked and I did the ENTIRE 2.5 acres with the little self propelled. Yeah, it is self-propelled. I am not.

This week and last I have been experimenting with a little wine with dinner. Not every night. And no more than 2 glasses.
On those nights I was…less than compliant with my food intake. Pretzels, premium ice cream etc. Fasting blood sugars the next day in the 100 teens range. Yesterday I did all that exercise and really ate almost nothing. No wine.
Blood sugar 137 this am. AND…this is the day after I take my injection of Gila Lizard venom. This disease is baffling in the extreme. Conclusion? The wine seems to bring down my fasting blood sugar. More study is needed. I will keep on my research diligently.

The pool chemistry is also puzzling me. It’s now well over a week since I have run the filter. The water is sparkling clear. Oh, there is a certain amount of debris floating and on the bottom there is a little pile but nothing a quick vacuum won’t deal with. The chlorine level, which is only dispensed when the filter is running, is still off the charts. The PH is improving daily. When I was a new to it as a pool custodian I ran the filter 24/7 all summer long. It’s not cheap electrical bill wise. Two years ago I experimented with running it only at night. Now I am wondering how much, if at all it needs to run. CAVEAT: It has not been really hot. And no one has been swimming because the temp is still just above 70.

I leave out articles when I am writing. Not on purpose. Elmore Leonard leaves out verbs and adverbs. I put the articles back in when I proof. I have to look very carefully to find out where I miss them because my stupid mind fills them in.
Maybe I should leave them out. Could it be my key to success? Good lord I hope something is.


The Rant D’Jour should have been called, Hello Dolly. Hello Human.

It won’t be long before we are bombarded with ads on the TV for children’s toys. Christmas after…more


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