Monday, Monday.

Today is Monday. How is your heart feeling? Oh I am not being romantic here. I mean that dense mass of muscle in your chest.

Have you ever heard the idea that heart attacks are more common on the first day of the work week? Well some recent studies by egghead scientists have proven it’s true. In fact the chances of you vapor locking while rushing to that all important meeting on Monday morning is twenty to fifteen percent greater than the rest of the week.

The studies have suggested several different reasons for the hefty increase in chest pains on Monday. One Scottish study seems to point to heavier drinking over the weekend as a cause. But the truly interesting thing to me is a study of people who were retired also had a bigger chance of Monday heart attacks.

So quite possibly the problem is Monday.

My suggestion and I think it’s a good one is ban Mondays. Everybody hates them. They have been proven to be dangerous. And who came up with this two day weekend idea anyway. As a matter of fact while we are working on this let’s make the weekend four days long. Friday thru Monday seems a whole lot better than what we have now. A three day work week and a four day weekend. Now were talking. Except…and I hate to suggest this. What if Tuesday becomes the new Monday?

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