Picture This – Hangman Wanted

Picture This:

Hey! A new feature. On Fridays I will put up a purloined photo, or possibly one that I got by legit means and write some thing about it.

Mammu Singh didn’t work for thirty pieces of silver.

His fee was $75, paid monthly as a retainer to make sure he was on call when needed.

Indian hangman don’t get a lot of work. Only one person has been executed in India since 1995.

Singh is out of the business. Taken by death. In his career he claimed to have claimed 11.

India is in need of a new hangman. Ads have been placed in newspapers and the search goes on.

Pawan Kumar who is Mammu Singh is interested in the job. “I just want to continue the family legacy,” Mr. Kumar said.

It’s unclear if he will get the job, family history notwithstanding.

How do you prove competency?

What goes on your resume as a potential hangman?

Take a good long look at Mammu. 11 others did and never saw the light of day again.

It’s the circle of life, right?
Hangman Wanted


The Rant D’Jour is about the need for SPEED.

I currently alternate my driving between two automobiles. One is a sort of downsized SUV called…more rant here


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